Kemetic Altar

Articles of Faith of the Kemetic Reform

We believe in the existence of many Gods and Goddesses, known collectively as the
Notjeru, whose natures transcend human experience and understanding, though it is
our lifelong purpose to further our own understanding of Them.

We believe that faith in the Gods, the Notjeru, transcends such human distinctions as race,
ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability, and we reject any attempt to connect
worship of the Notjeru with racial, gender or sexual identity, or with level of ability.

We believe in the sacred principle of ma'at, which is understood to be truth, justice,
righteousness, balance and fairness. Ma'at was established by the Notjeru at the
creation of the world and is necessary for its continued existence. As members of
Kemetic Reform, it is our solemn duty to uphold ma'at in our personal lives and in
our community.

We recognize Cleopatra VII as the last actual person to act as representative of the
Notjeru, combining head of state with head of the church; and that upon her death
in 30 BCE the office of 'Nisu(t)', commonly known as 'pharaoh', returned forever
to the Notjeru. As adherents of Kemetic Reform, we reject any claims to revive
said office, and we believe in the separation of church and state.



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