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Kemetic Reform Calendar – Year 19 (2023-24)

Key for Dates: Dates given in normal black type are official Temple observances, broadcast on Fridays unless otherwise indicated. Entries in large bold type indicate major observances, such as Kemetic New Year's and the Khoiakh Mysteries. Date entries marked with an asterisk (*) are either lunar or 'decade' observances, which can be honored in one's home or in group rituals hosted on the Kemetic Reform Server on Discord. Dates given in italics represent non-Kemetic holidays that may be of significance. Please note that deity names are generally given in their more well-known Greek forms (Isis for Aset, Anubis for Anpu) for ease of recognition.

Have a question about a major holiday? Check our Basics of Kemetic Reform page. What are 'Decade' observances? More on that coming soon, but in short answer, the end of a Kemetic week. Ra and Osiris are honored, and prayers and offerings are given for the Blessed Dead. And for our Mesopotamian Pagan friends, Babylonian month names and a few festival dates are also given in italics...more on that is in the works!

Also, be sure to scroll down for three handy reference charts for lunar observances through 2025, which were carefully crafted by our very own Celeri! Don't know what the 'Abed', 'Senut' and 'Denit' observances are? Read about them in Circle of the Sun, which details a variety of Kemetic lunar and annual rituals.

Regarding Lunar First Quarter: True First Quarter, when fifty percent of the moon is visible, varies from month to month and does not always coincide with the liturgical rite of First Denit. This rite is observed on the seventh day of the lunar month, and was referred to in ancient texts as the “Seventh-Day Feast.”

Month of Djehutet

July 18, 2023 (Tuesday) – Upet Ronpet (Kemetic Reform New Year's); Mesopotamian month of Abu begins

July 21st (Friday) – Poret Sopdut Observed

* July 23rd (Sunday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

* July 27th (Thursday) – Decade 1

July 28th (Friday) – Going Forth of Hathor; Feast of Tefnut at Esna

* August 1st (Tuesday) – Full Moon

August 4th (Friday) – Wa'gy-Djehutet Observance

* August 6th (Sunday) – Decade 2

* August 8th (Tuesday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

August 11th (Friday) – Feast for Anubis in Denderah; Osiris Goes Forth

August 15th (Tuesday) – Mesopotamian Festival of Ghosts (approximate)

* August 16th (Wednesday) – Decade 3; New Moon

August 17th (Thursday) – Mesopotamian month of Ulullu begins

Month of Pa'en-Opet

August 18th (Friday) – Feasts for Neith, Horus the Elder and Sobek, Lord of Ombos

* August 22nd (Tuesday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

August 25th (Friday) – Sailing of Horus of Behdet; Procession of Bastet, Mistress of Ankh-Tawy

* August 26th (Saturday) – Decade 4

* August 30th (Wednesday) – Full Moon; Mesopotamian Feast of Kin-Inanna

September 1st (Friday) – Robing of Anubis; Feasts of Unnofer (Osiris) and Neith

September 4th (Monday) – Labor Day (US)

* September 5th (Tuesday) – Decade 5

* September 6th (Wednesday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

September 8th (Friday) – Opet Festival

* September 14th (Thursday) – New Moon

September 15th (Friday) – Decade 6; Feast of Sakhmet in Esna; Mesopotamian month of Tashritu begins

Month of Hat-Hor

* September 20th (Wednesday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

September 21st (Thursday) – Mesopotamian Day of 7th Tashritu

September 22nd (Friday) – Isis Goes Forth in Joy

* September 25th (Monday) – Decade 7

September 29th (Friday) – Full Moon; Feast of Neith and Tutu; Mesopotamian Fall Akitu Festival concludes

* October 5th (Thursday) – Decade 8

October 6th (Friday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit); Feast of Shu; Ma'at is Raised Up To Ra

October 11th (Wednesday) – Mesopotamian Festival of the Sacred Mound

October 13th (Friday) – Feasts of Hathor-of-Ombos, Horus of Behdet

* October 14th (Saturday) – New Moon

* October 15th (Sunday) – Decade 9; Mesopotamian month of Arachsamna begins

Month of Ka-Hor-Ka

October 20th (Friday) – First Quarter (First Denit); Appearance of Neith; Rites Performed for Sobek

* October 25th (Wednesday) – Decade 10

October 27th (Friday) – Feasts of Osiris of Abydos, Bastet and Sakhmet

* October 28th (Saturday) – Full Moon

October 31st (Tuesday) – Halloween/Samhain

November 3rd (Friday) – Khoiakh Mysteries Begin

* November 4th (Saturday) – Decade 11

* November 5th (Sunday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

November 10th (Friday) – Khoiakh Mysteries Conclude

* November 13th (Monday) – New Moon

* November 14th (Tuesday) – Decade 12; Mesopotamian month of Kislimu begins

Month of Ta'ibet

November 16th (Thursday) – Ishtar Takes the Mes and Wears the Robe of Marduk

November 17th (Friday) – Hab Sed of Tutankhamun; Coronation of the Falcon

* November 19th (Sunday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

November 22nd (Wednesday) – Mesopotamian Brazier Festival

November 23rd (Thursday) – Thanksgiving Day (US)

November 24th (Friday) – Going Forth of Shu; Decade 13

* November 27th (Monday) – Full Moon; Birthday of Antinouos

December 1st (Friday) – Sailing of the Goddesses Neith, Bastet, Wadjyt and Hathor

* December 4th (Monday) – Decade 14

* December 5th (Tuesday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

December 8th (Friday) – Establishing the Celestial Cow; Djehuty (Thoth) Takes a Solemn Oath

* December 12th (Tuesday) – New Moon

December 13th (Wednesday) – Mesopotamian month of Tebetu begins

* December 14th (Thursday) – Decade 15

Month of Makhir

December 15th (Friday) – Sailings of Mut and Anubis; Ptah Lifts the Sky

* December 17th (Sunday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

December 21st (Thursday) – Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)

December 22nd (Friday) – Opening the Doors of the House of Neith; Amun Lifts the Sky

* December 24th (Sunday) – Decade 16

December 25th (Monday) - Christmas

* December 26th (Tuesday) – Full Moon

December 28th (Thursday) – Awakening of Ishtar (Mesopotamian Feast Day)

December 29th (Friday) – Feasts of Min of Sais, Neith, Anubis and Isis

January 1st (Monday) – Secular New Year's Day

* January 3rd (Wednesday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit); Decade 17

January 5th (Friday) – Feast of Victory of Horus

* January 11th (Thursday) – New Moon

January 12th (Friday) – Feast of Filling the Sacred Eye; Mesopotamian month of Shabatu begins

* January 13th (Saturday) – Decade 18

Month of Pa'en-Amunhotepu

* January 16th (Tuesday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

January 19th (Friday) – Going Forth of Neith of Sais and of Anubis

* January 23rd (Tuesday) – Decade 19

* January 25th (Thursday) – Full Moon

January 26th (Friday) – Djehuty (Thoth) Goes Forth; Feast of Wadjyt

February 2nd (Friday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit); Feast of Nut; Decade 20

February 9th (Friday) – New Moon; Amun and Wadjyt Enter the Sky

February 10th (Saturday) – Mesopotamian month of Addaru begins

* February 12th (Monday) – Decade 21


Month of Pa'en-Rennutet

* February 15th (Thursday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

February 16th (Friday) – Feast of Bastet in Her Barque

* February 22nd (Thursday) – Decade 22

February 23rd (Friday) – Going Forth of Neith and Heka, Child of Sais

* February 24th (Saturday) – Full Moon

February 29th (Thursday) – Leap Day; Honor Djehuty (Thoth) and Seshat this day.

March 1st (Friday) – Sailing of Ra in Iunu (Heliopolis)

* March 3rd (Sunday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

* March 4th (Monday) – Decade 23

March 8th (Friday) – Feasts of Horus and Sobek

* March 10th (Sunday) – New Moon

March 11th (Monday) – Mesopotamian intercalary month of Addaru II

* March 14th (Thursday) – Decade 24

Month of Pa-Khonsu

March 15th (Friday) – Feasts of Horus Son of Isis, Rennutet and Hathor

* March 16th (Saturday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

March 22nd (Friday) – Robing of Anubis

* March 24th (Sunday) - Decade 25

* March 25th (Monday) – Full Moon

March 29th (Friday) – Feast of Amun-Min

March 31st (Sunday) – Easter

* April 1st (Monday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

* April 3rd (Wednesday) – Decade 26

April 5th (Friday) – Feasts of Khonsu and Horus, Son of Isis

* April 8th (Monday) – New Moon

April 9th (Tuesday) – Mesopotamian New Year's; Month of Nisanu, Spring Akitu Begins

April 12th (Friday) - Feast of Min, Rennutet and Khonsu

* April 13th (Saturday) – Decade 27

Month of Pa'en-Inet

* April 14th (Sunday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

April 19th (Friday) – Feast of Hathor, Eye of Ra in Bubastis

April 22nd (Monday) – Passover begins at sundown

* April 23rd (Tuesday) – Full Moon; Decade 28

April 26th (Friday) - Beautiful Feast of the Valley

* May 1st (Wednesday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

May 3rd (Friday) – Purification of Sakhmet in Esna; Decade 29

* May 7th (Tuesday) – New Moon

May 8th (Wednesday) – Mesopotamian month of Ayaru begins

May 10th (Friday) – Revealing the Face in the House of Neith of Esna

* May 13th (Monday) – Decade 30

Month of Apip

* May 13th (Monday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

May 17th (Friday) – Appearance of Djehuty (Thoth); Feast of Tawret

* May 23rd (Thursday) – Full Moon; Decade 31

May 24th (Friday) – Feast of the Beautiful Reunion

* May 30th (Thursday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit)

May 31st (Friday) – Appearance of Khnum; Eating Cucumbers for the Eye of Horus

* June 2nd (Sunday) – Decade 32

* June 6th (Thursday) – New Moon

June 7th (Friday) – Feasts of Isis Luminous and Mut, Mistress of Isheru; Mesopotamian month of Simanu begins

* June 11th (Tuesday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

* June 12th (Wednesday) – Decade 33

Month of Mosu-Ra

June 14th (Friday) – Feast of Set

June 21st (Friday) – Full Moon; Feast for Hathor Who Visits Ra in Iunu (Heliopolis)

* June 22nd (Saturday) – Decade 34

June 28th (Friday) – Last Quarter (Second Denit); Feast of the Temple Patrons

* July 2nd (Tuesday) – Decade 35

July 4th (Thursday) – Independence Day (US)

July 5th (Friday) – New Moon; Feast of Anubis Upon His Mountain

July 6th (Saturday) - Mesopotamian month of Tammuz begins

* July 11th (Thursday) – First Quarter (First Denit)

July 12th (Friday) – Decade 36; Feast of Iri Mosyt honoring Min and Sokar


July 13th (Saturday) – Birth of Osiris;

July 14th (Sunday) – Birth of Horus

July 15th (Monday) – Birth of Seth

July 16th (Tuesday) – Birth of Isis

July 17th (Wednesday) – Birth of Nephthys

July 18th (Thursday) – Upet Ronpet – Year 20 Begins


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