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Kemetic Reform Calendar – Year 20 (2024-25)

So, what are all these dates?

The dates, including weekdays, below are for both major and weekly observances in the Kemetic Reform tradition. Major holidays, such as Upet Ronpet (Kemetic New Year's) and the Opet Festival, are given in bold print.

Our weekly live streams are always hosted on Fridays at approximately 8:30 to 8:45pm Central US time. To determine festal themes for Friday services, we start with the general calendars in Circle of the Sun for major holidays and Celebrating the Egyptian Gods for various deities' feast days. Usually a festival is observed on the nearer Friday (either before or after the actual date), unless the farther day helps avoid repetition or conflict with other observances.

Phases of the moon, which can be observed ritually at individual members' choosing, are listed with asterisks (*). Circle of the Sun includes lunar rituals, except for First Denit, which you can read here (link forthcoming). You can also check out the handy tables for lunar dates made by Celeri at the page bottom.

Decade Feasts, also marked with asterisks (*), are literally 'Tenth-Day Feasts'. The ancient Egyptian week lasted ten days, and the tenth day was a time to honor the deceased as well as their eternal king, Osiris. When the Decade and Regular service coincide, they are combined in our live stream ritual.

Noteworthy non-Kemetic holidays are listed in italics. New for this year – a dedicated Mesopotamian ritual calendar! You can read about it and plan ahead here. And remember, deity names are generally given in their more well-known Greek forms (Isis for Aset, Anubis for Anpu) for ease of recognition.


Month of Djehutet (Akhet I)

July 18th, 2024 (Thursday) – Upet Ronpet (Kemetic Reform New Year's)

July 19th (Friday) – Regular service will be pre-taped for premiere at regular time

* July 21st (Sunday) – Medj-Diunit (Full Moon)

July 26th (Friday) – Poret Sopdut, Hathor Goes Forth

* July 27th (Saturday) – Second Denit (last quarter), Decade 1

August 2nd (Friday) – Wa'gy-Djehutet Feast

*August 3rd (Saturday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*August 4th (Sunday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*August 5th (Monday) – A'bed (first crescent)

* August 6th (Tuesday) – Decade 2

August 9th (Friday) – Going Forth of Osiris, Feast of Anubis in Denderah

*August 10th (Saturday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*August 12th (Monday) – First Denit (first quarter)

August 16th (Friday) – Decade 3; Feast of Sobek, Lord of Ombos; Elder Horus Visits Neith

Month of Pa'en-Opet (Akhet II)

*August 19th (Monday) – Medj-Diunit (Full Moon)

August 23rd (Friday) – Feast of Isis the Great; Procession of Bastet, Mistress of Ankh-Tawy

August 26th (Monday) – Second Denit (last quarter), Decade 4

August 30th (Friday) – Feasts of Neith, Osiris

*September 1st (Sunday) - Poret Min (last crescent)

*September 2nd (Monday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*September 3rd (Tuesday) – A'bed (first crescent)

*September 5th (Thursday) – Decade 5

September 6th (Friday) – Opet Festival

*September 8th (Sunday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*September 11th (Wednesday) - First Denit (first quarter)

*September 15th (Sunday) – Decade 6

*September 17th (Tuesday) – Medj-Diunit (Full Moon)

Month of Hat-Hor (Akhet III)

September 20th (Friday) – First Feast of Wadjyt; Feast of Sakhmet in Esna

*September 24th (Tuesday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

*September 25th (Wednesday) – Decade 7

September 27th (Friday) – Feast of Neith and Tutu in Esna; Feast of Amun after Opet

*October 1st (Tuesday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*October 2nd (Wednesday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*October 3rd (Thursday) – A'bed (first crescent)

October 4th (Friday) – Ma'at is Raised Up to Ra; Feast of Shu, Son of Ra

*October 5th (Saturday) – Decade 8

*October 8th (Tuesday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*October 10th (Thursday) – First Denit (first quarter)

October 11th (Friday) – Sailing of Hathor

* October 15th (Tuesday) – Decade 9

Month of Ka-Hor-Ka (Akhet IV)

*October 17th (Thursday) – Medj-Diunit (Full Moon)

October 18th (Friday) – Rites for Sobek, Appearance of Neith

*October 24th (Thursday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

October 25th (Friday) – Decade 10; Feast of Osiris in Abydos; Feasts for Sakhmet and Bastet

*October 31st (Thursday) – Samhain/Halloween, Poret Min (last crescent)

November 1st (Friday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon); Khoiakh Mysteries begin

*November 2nd (Saturday) – A'bed (first crescent)

*November 4th (Monday) – Decade 11

*November 7th (Thursday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

November 8th (Friday) – First Denit (first quarter); Khoiakh Mysteries Conclude

*November 14th (Thursday) – Decade 12

Month of Ta'ibet (Poret I)

November 15th (Friday) – Full Moon; Hab Sed of Tutankhamun; Coronation of the Sacred Falcon

November 22nd (Friday) – Second Denit (last quarter); Feast of Drunkenness in Edfu

*November 24th (Sunday) – Decade 13

November 27th (Wednesday) – Birth of Antinouos

November 28th (Thursday) – Thanksgiving (US)

November 29th (Friday) – Shu Goes Forth

*November 30th (Saturday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*December 1st (Sunday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*December 2nd (Monday) – A'bed (first crescent)

* December 4th (Wednesday) – Decade 14

December 6th (Friday) – Sailings of Bast, Hathor, Wadjyt and Neith

*December 7th (Saturday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*December 8th (Sunday) - First Denit (first quarter); Bodhi (Buddha's Enlightenment) Day

December 13th (Friday) – Sailing of Mut; Djehuty Takes a Solemn Oath

*December 14th (Saturday) – Decade 15

Month of Makhir (Poret II)

*December 15th (Sunday) – Medj-Diunit (Full Moon)

December 20th (Friday) – Amun Lifts the Sky, Opening the Doors of the House of Neith

*December 22nd (Sunday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

December 25th (Wednesday) - Christmas

December 27th (Friday) – Going Forth of Sobek, Feast of Neith

*December 29th (Sunday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*December 30th (Monday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*December 31st (Tuesday) – A'bed (first crescent)

January 1st (Wednesday) - Happy 2025!

January 3rd (Friday) – Feast of Victory; Decade 17

*January 5th (Sunday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*January 6th (Monday) – First Denit (first quarter)

January 10th (Friday) – Feast of Filling the Sacred Eye

*January 13th (Monday) – Medj-Diunit (Full Moon); Decade 18

Month of Pa'en-Amunhotepu (Poret III)

January 17th (Friday) – Anubis Goes Forth With His Adorers; Neith of Sais Goes Forth at Night

*January 21st (Tuesday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

*January 23rd (Thursday) – Decade 19

January 24th (Friday) – Fourth Feast of Wadjyt

*January 28th (Tuesday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*January 29th (Wednesday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*January 30th (Thursday) – A'bed (first crescent)

January 31st (Friday) – Feast of Nut, Djehuty Goes Forth

*February 2nd (Sunday) – Decade 20

*February 3rd (Monday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*February 5th (Wednesday) – First Denit (first quarter)

February 7th (Friday) – Feasts of Horus in Kem-Ur, Osiris in Abydos

*February 12th (Wednesday) - Medj-Diunit (Full Moon); Decade 21

Month of Pa'en-Rennutet (Poret IV)

February 14th (Friday) – Geb Visits Anubis; Feasts of Pakhet, Bastet in Her Bark

*February 20th (Thursday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

February 21st (Friday) – Feasts of Neith and Heka, Child of Sais, Completing the Udjat-Eye

*February 22nd (Saturday) – Decade 22

*February 26th (Wednesday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*February 27th (Thursday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

February 28th (Friday) – A'bed (first crescent); Khopri Goes Forth; Sailing of Ra in Iunu (Heliopolis)

February 28th or March 1st – Month of Ramadan begins

*March 4th (Tuesday) – Senut (sixth-day observance); Decade 23

*March 6th (Thursday) – First Denit (first quarter)

March 7th (Friday) – Appearance of Sobek in Ombos

Month of Pa-Khonsu (Shomu I)

March 14th (Friday) – Full moon; Amun-Min Goes Forth; Decade 24

March 21st (Friday) – Robing of Anubis, Chewing Onions for Bastet

*March 22nd (Saturday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

*March 24th (Monday) – Decade 25

March 28th (Friday) – Poret Min; Feast of Rennutet; expected date of Eid al-Fitr

*April 3rd (Thursday) – Senut (sixth-day observance); Decade 26

April 4th (Friday) – First Denit (first quarter); Feasts for Horus the Child and Khonsu

April 11th (Friday) – Feast of Min

April 12th (Saturday) – Pesach (Passover)

*April 13th (Monday) – Decade 27

Month of Pa'en-Inet (Shomu II)

April 18th (Friday) – Feast of Hathor, Eye of Ra in Bubastis; Khnum and Neith Go Forth

*April 20th (Sunday) – Second Denit (last quarter); Easter Sunday

*April 23rd (Wednesday) – Decade 28

April 25th (Friday) – Beautiful Feast of the Valley

*April 26th (Saturday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*April 27th (Sunday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*April 28th (Monday) – A'bed (first crescent)

May 2nd (Friday) – Senut (sixth-day observance); Feasts of Bastet, Purifying Sakhmet in Esna

*May 3rd (Saturday) – Decade 29

May 9th (Friday) – Revealing the Face in the House of Neith

*May 12th (Monday) – Full moon

*May 13th (Tuesday) – Decade 30

Month of Apip (Shomu III)

May 16th (Friday) – Feast of Tawret

*May 20th (Tuesday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

May 23rd (Friday) – Feast of the Beautiful Reunion; Decade 31

*May 25th (Sunday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*May 26th (Monday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*May 27th (Tuesday) – A'bed (first crescent)

May 30th (Friday) – Eating Cucumbers for the Eye of Horus

*May 31st (Saturday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*June 2nd (Monday) – First Denit (first quarter); Decade 32

June 6th (Friday) – Appearance of Khnum; Feast of Grasping the Crook

*June 11th (Wednesday) – Full moon

*June 12th (Thursday) – Decade 33

June 13th (Friday) – Feasts of Mut, Aset Luminous

Month of Mosu-Ra (Shomu IV)

*June 18th (Wednesday) – Second Denit (last quarter)

June 20th (Friday) – Feast of Seth

*June 22nd (Sunday) – Decade 34

*June 24th (Tuesday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*June 25th (Wednesday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

*June 26th (Thursday) – A'bed (first crescent)

June 27th (Friday) – Feast of the Temple Patrons

*June 30th (Monday) – Senut (sixth-day observance)

*July 2nd (Wednesday) – First Denit (first quarter); Decade 35

July 4th (Friday) – Feast of Anubis Upon His Mountain

*July 10th (Thursday) – Full Moon

July 11th (Friday) – Feast of Sokar in the House of Ptah – service pre-taped

July 12th (Saturday) – Decade 36; Feast of Iri Mosyt honoring Min and Sokar


July 13th (Sunday) – Birth of Osiris

July 14th (Monday) – Birth of Horus

July 15th (Tuesday) – Birth of Seth

July 16th (Wednesday) – Birth of Isis

July 17th (Thursday) – Birth of Nephthys; Second Denit (last quarter)

July 18th (Friday) – Upet Ronpet – Year 21 Begins

*July 23rd (Wednesday) – Poret Min (last crescent)

*July 24th (Thursday) – Pesdjentiu (New Moon)

July 25th (Friday) – A'bed (first crescent); Poret Sopdut observed


Lunar Calendar chart, year 20 Lunar Calendar chart, year 21


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