Image of Anubis Enshrined

The Jackal Draws His Blade

by Sharon LaBorde

With quiet patience He works the scale,
Jackal’s ears and Jackal’s face, human hands and God’s soul.
He weighs each person’s heart with care
Against the sacred feather of Truth,
Listens to their testimony, words of lives now in past tense.
Mild-mannered, He kneels to Osiris;
The Jackal’s job is to serve, not to fight.
Other Gods take up that task, to defend Ra’s
Creation with sharp blades and fierce eyes.
But this keen Jackal’s ears prick up.
He hears distant cries of anguish, of pain -
And behind each of them a terrible whisper.
Unspeakable lies from the Unspeakable One.
Twisted distortions of sacred Truth,
A million shattered shards in the form of tortured thoughts
Of worthlessness and doubt, of sadness and self-hate -
Depression, destruction, and longing for death.
But Anubis, that great Jackal at the scales,
Knows those words for what they are.
They are the lies of the enemy of all Ra has made,
Subtle temptations beckoning to oblivion.
As He stands at the balance of Truth,
The gateway between life and death,
Precarious fulcrum between hope and despair,
Anubis resolves to answer.
To defend those crying for help,
To protect Creation itself beating within
countless anguished hearts,
The Jackal draws His blade.
With eyes of Truth He stares down the evil one,
Serpent tempter of souls seeking only their ruin.
The Jackal draws His blade and lunges forth.

Does the sword of Anubis find its mark?
Does the Jackal strike down the snake?
For every person who stays their own hands -
Puts down the bottle, the pills, the gun -
Anubis’ stroke is true.
Our every choice fulfills His task;
His success is up to you.


This original poem has become a favorite on our live streaming services, but its message is for everyone. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, help is out there! You are not alone. Below are just a few links to get you started toward help, recovery, and renewed life:

In the United States - The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Global support, online or by phone - Find A Helpline

For LGBTQ+ individuals - The Trevor Project Crisis Help Line is specifically for you

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