Kemetic Reform Live Service Ritual

The following service, adapted from the Ritual of Amunhotep I at Karnak and Medinet Habu for use in the Kemetic Reform liturgy, is meant for live video streaming. It can be performed entirely by one person, or by multiple people taking different parts. In an online streaming setting, people from across the globe can participate simultaneously in the service.
Because of this global nature of modern worship, some adaptations have been made. The ancients could never have imagined one group of followers worshipping Ra in the rising sun at the same time that others adore the setting sun. Thus, morning and evening aspects of the ancient liturgy have been combined. Where specific deities are addressed, Ra-Horakhety is named first as the form of the Creator recognized in the home Temple of Tutankhamun. Other deities can be included where indicated, to reflect the multiplicity of Ra's 'Great and Little Enneads' of Gods.
If you have a sistrum, ring it where indicated in the service. You can also ring a bell, or use prayer beads. Don't be afraid to put your own creativity into the service and make it yours.

(Sound an instrument to mark the call to worship)

These cool waters are upon my hands. They purify me as Tefnut purifies me.
Hail unto You, oh Notjeru! I come unto You without falsehood and without evil.
My purity is upon my hands, my purity is within my heart, and I have cast out all evil that pertained to me.
I am pure. [Iu-i wab-kui..] - said four times

Lighting of the Candles:
The Officiant lights the candles to be used in the service and recites the following. (Online participants may follow by lighting their own altar candles at the same time, if desired.) The responses marked "All" are to be said by the entire group.

Come in peace, bright Eye of Horus, come in peace.
All: Receive the light.
The Eye of Horus shines, like Ra in the twin Horizons, and evil hides in fear of it.
All: Receive the light.
The Eye of Horus destroys the enemies of Ra in all of their abodes.
All: Receive the light.
The Eye of Horus comes, and I am purified with it.
All: Receive the light.

Opening Invocation:
Ring sistrums, then kneel in position of adoration. Officiant reads:
You arise in the Akhet as Khopri, oh Ra, spreading Your light upon the earth! You set in peace in the mountains of Manu as Atum, bringing Your light to Duat!

All: Shine upon earth as you do in heaven and Duat!

(Officiant reads. Participants may read along, if desired. If available, use prayer beads to count:)
Hail and praise unto You, oh Ra, Who came from Nun at the First Time, for such is Your uniqueness.
Hail and praise unto You, oh Ra, Who placed Hu at Your left side, for such are the words You commanded.
Hail and praise unto You, oh Ra, Who placed Sia at Your right side, for such is Your great wisdom.
Hail and praise unto You, oh Ra, Whose Heka goes before You; for such is Your ability.
Hail and praise unto You, oh Ra, Who rules with Ma'at on Your brow; for such is Your righteousness.

Hail and praise unto You, Oh Ra. Hail and praise unto You, Oh You Notjeru, You Lords of Love and Lords of Life. Grant us life, well-being and health; may our eyes perceive Your goodness and our hearts receive Your wisdom. May You shine upon us as You traverse the sky, that we may bring to You ma'at and cast out isfet. And may You guard us from the Evil One through the dark hours of the night, Your protection being before us and Your strength being within us.

Officiant and online participants pour, light or present each offering where applicable. When offering incense, waft its smoke over the icons of the deities while reciting.

Take these, Your cool waters that are the Inundation, that they may cool Your hearts. Oh YouNotjeru, these waters are the Eye of Horus, that Your hearts may be refreshed.

Milk, milk, may You taste it in Your shrine. May Your hearts be refreshed with it. We bring You this milk from the Great Flood, oh You Notjeru, that You may be purified with it.

We give You incense, we give You incense, great of purity. This incense is the Eye of Horus. Its fragrance comes to You. It cleanses You, it adorns You, it takes its place upon Your hands. Oh You Notjeru, we give to you this Eye of Horus, its fragrance comes to You.

Take this, Your bread on which Gods live. This bread is the Eye of Horus, Oh You Notjeru; lift it to Your faces and be at peace with it.

Offering Wine That the Land May Prosper:
Kneel in genuflection with cup of wine and recite the following:
The gardens prosper and Hapy rejoices, overflowing with His meal.
I fill the Eye of Horus for You with wine, Oh Ra, Oh You Notjeru; drink and be pure.
The doors of heaven and the doors of earth are open with libations for You within this house.
May Your faces be refreshed with Your libations, Your wine and Your water.

Censing With Myrrh:
Officiant censes the altar with myrrh incense.
Pure, pure is Ra-Horakhety within His House. (repeat with the names of other deities to be invoked.) Pure are the Ka's of all these Gods with this good myrrh that is given.
Djehuty proclaims it; it is written in His House of Sacred Words. Hapi gives in abundance, thousands of offerings, all things good and pure, for Ra-Horakhety, (other Notjeru addressed,) in every place that Their immortal Kas dwell.

Inviting the Notjeru to Partake:
Officiant takes the Pose of Geb - one arm hanging down by the side, the other arm held out, palm upraised.
Come to Your body, oh Ra-Horakhety! Come to Your bodies, Oh Notjeru! Come to Your invocation! Come unto us, Your servants who are mindful of Your feasts and Your offerings.
Bring Your power, Your heka, Your honor and Your Ba to these Your offerings and partake of them.

Raising the Offerings:
The Officiant and other participants kneel, raising tray of offerings (or food offering-plate) before the icons four times. Officiant recites as they do so:

Come, oh People, raise these offerings before the faces of these Gods. Lift the offerings before Ra and (other Notjeru addressed). All life comes from Them, all health comes from Them, all stability comes from Them, all good fortune comes from Them, as it has since the First Time.

Reversion of Offerings: (ring sistrum)
Oh Ra-Horakhety, and your son, the Osir-Nisu NebkhoperuRa, Your foes retreat from You. Horus turns Himself to His Eye. Turn Yourself to these, your offerings; receive them from our hands.

Voice Offerings for the Blessed Dead
Light a candle and offer water at the akhu-altar, saying:
From the table of the Gods, to the table of the Blessed Dead; we light this candle that it may be the Eye of Horus that lights their way in Duat. And we pour these cool waters from the table of Osiris, that their hearts may be refreshed.

(As the bell is rung, participants are invited to remember their loved ones, and if they choose, speak their names.)

Poret kheru ta, henket, kha kau, apdu, senotjer, merhat, khut nibet nofret wabet ankhet notjer im, en kau en akhu pu nibu, ma'a kheru nibu hir Notjer A'ah.
[English Translation: A Voice Offering of bread, beer, a thousand of beef and fowl, incense, oils, and all good and pure things on which a god lives, for the ka's of all of these akhu, all true of voice before the Great God.]

Presenting Ma'at:
(If available, offer a feather or an image of Ma'at to the Gods' icons. Otherwise, cup hands in gesture of offering.)
We come unto You, Oh Ra, as Djehuty comes, our hands joined under Ma'at. Ma'at has come to be with You, in every place where You are. An offering of Ma'at is made unto You, that Your heart may be pleased, and your ka shall live. Truly, Your Ennead has Ma'at, for They know You live in Her. The Ennead says unto You, "Your word is law, eternally." Isfet is cast out by Your word; rejoicing is Yours every day. Ma'at has taken Her place in Your shrine.

Upholding the Eight Ma'ats: (if available, count with beads)
May we always act with gentility and compassion, for such is the First Ma'at.
May we always offer charity and hospitality, for such is the Second Ma'at.
May we always respect consent and fidelity, for such is the Third Ma'at.
May we always avoid violence and promote wellness, for such is the Fourth Ma'at.
May we always speak words of truth, for such is the Fifth Ma'at.
May we always promote the public good, for such is the Sixth Ma'at.
May we always act humbly and with temperance, for such is the Seventh Ma'at.
May we always honor my Gods and respect others', for such is the Eighth Ma'at.
May we uphold Ma'at like Djehuty, that we may witness Ra's perfection every day.

Invocations to the Notjeru:
Hymns and addresses to other deities are to be incorporated here.

Prayer Requests, Divination:
Participants are invited to state requests for prayers or petitions for divination. Conclude by ringing sistrum.

Making the Offerings Endure:
Hail unto You, Atum. Hail unto you, Khopri. You come into being upon the Primeval Hill, You shine forth upon the Shrine of the Phoenix in Iunu, You breathe out Shu and Tefnut. May the giving of these offerings endure, as the name of Atum, Foremost of the Great Ennead endures.

May they endure as the name of Shu, Lord of Upper Menset in Iunu endures;
As the name of Tefnut, Mistress of Lower Menset in Iunu endures;
As the name of Geb at the earth's ba endures;
As the name of Nut in the Shrine of Shenit in Iunu endures;
As the name of Osir Khenti-Amentiu endures;
As the name of Iset in Netjeru endures;
As the name of Sutekh in Nubet endures;
As the name of Horus in Pe endures;
As the name of Wadjyt in Dep endures;
As the name of Djehuty in Khemenu endures;
As the name of Ra in the Akhet endures, likewise for eternity.

Closing Invocation: (ring sistrums)
You have come in peace, Oh Ra, (other Notjeru addressed). You have come in peace, Oh Notjeru.
May You go forth in peace, Oh Ra, (other Notjeru addressed). May You go forth in peace, Oh Notjeru, to every place Your immortal Kas wish to be.
May You sail in joy in the Mandjet-bark and rest content in the Sektet-bark, and may You smile upon us, Your humble servants.

Extinguishing the Torch: (recited after service is concluded)
This Eye of Horus has made You great. You flourish in it, You have power in it. Oh Ra, oh Notjeru, You consume this Eye of Horus and it empowers You. The Udjat sets in the Mountains of Manu, in peace.



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