Kemetic Altar

Prayers for the Kemetic New Year

The following offering prayers (or "spells") can be read at one's personal altar on the day of Upet Ronpet, or Kemetic New Year's, and addressed to one's personal Gods and Goddesses where blanks indicate. The purpose of these offerings of a torch - nowadays, a candle or oil lamp - and a nimsut vase of water libations are to bless and re-consecrate the shrine for the year ahead.

Upet Ronpet Nofrit - Happy New Year!

Spell for the Torch of the New Year:

To the torch: Hail to you, this beautiful torch for ____ (title)!
Hail to you, oh Eye of Horus, which leads upon the paths of darkness!

To the Deity: This torch leads You, oh ____, in every place Your immortal Ka desires.
I [we] present this torch of new fuel and new wick to You, oh ____ (title), as a gift.
Geb and Nut, Osir and Isut, Set and Nebet-hat, They wash Your face, They dry Your tears, They open Your mouth with Their bright fingers.
Heaven and earth are given to You, the Fields of Peace are Yours on this night.
This torch is for You, oh ____ (title), as a gift from Your servant(s).

For Making the Torch Endure:

This light endures for ____, (title), as the name of Atum, Foremost of the Great Ennead endures.

May it endure as the name of Shu, Lord of Upper Menset in Iunu endures;

As the name of Tefnut, Mistress of Lower Menset in Iunu endures;

As the name of Geb at the earth's ba endures;

As the name of Nut in the Shrine of Shenit in Iunu endures;

As the name of Osir Khenti-Amentiu endures;

As the name of Iset in Netjeru endures;

As the name of Sutekh in Nubet endures;

As the name of Horus in Pe endures;

As the name of Wadjyt in Dep endures;

As the name of Djehuty in Khemenu endures;

As the name of Ra in the Akhet endures, likewise for eternity.
It shall not be extinguished.

For Illuminating the House:

This House is illuminated by ____ (title). (repeat for other Patrons or Patronesses.)
This light brings a good year, together with Ra;
This light brings the night together with Djehuty.
Likewise by ____, _____, (deities related to Patron/Patroness), it brings a good year.
Likewise, by the guardian spirits of this House, it brings a good year;
Likewise, by Rennutet, it brings a good year.
Our bodies are made rich with the food of Your feast.

Homage With the Nimsut for Upet Ronpet:

Hail, ____, restore Your head and restore Your eyes.
I bring You that which comes from Nun,
The origins from which came Atum, in this its name of Nimsut.
Oh ____, gather Your bones, restore Your eyes and restore Your heart,
So that You may be complete. Take this Eye of Horus that is the Nimsut.
Hail, oh ____, in all Your names in heaven and on earth,
In every place Your immortal Ka wishes to be!
Iiu Shopses [Shopsut], Iiu Shopses [Shopsut].
Iiu Nimsut, Iiu Nimsut.



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