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Many Kemetics are first drawn to the path by a love of ancient Egyptian history and culture, and that love becomes a lifelong journey. The links below are all meant as a learning resource for Egyptophiles of all stripes. This list will probably keep expanding as long as there are new resources to be found.

Read our Historical Background on King Tut


New for 2020 - Resources for Kids!

This resource was actually suggested by students from a school, who enjoyed the other links on this page so much they wanted to share their own favorite site. Great job, guys! And with more students learning online, this section is sure to expand. Thanks again to those students (their librarian didn't say which one) for getting this section started.

A Historical Look at Ancient Egyptian Burial Practices


News Articles:

King Tut Drank Red Wine, Researchers Say

Heart Disease Found in Egyptian Mummies

Sex and Booze Figured in Egyptian Rites

Dust, Damp and Doters Damaging King Tut's Tomb

A Replica Valley of the Kings

King Tut Wore Orthopedic Sandals


Free to Read - Downloadable PDF Articles:

The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice by R. K. Ritner
(This was Ritner's dissertation, now a highly regarded and referenced work.)

Execration Ritual by Kerry Muhlestein (deals with similar material)

When the Book of the Dead Does Not Match Archaeology: The Case of the Protective Magical Bricks (BD 151) by Isabelle Regen
(A very interesting look at how the Egyptians reconciled their own religious texts with practicality.)

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Theological Responses to Amarna by Jan Assman
(This work analyzes how Atonism influenced religious trends in the Ramesside period.)

The Life of Meresamun by Emily Teeter and Janet H. Johnson
(Fascinating look at the religious and everyday life of a Late-Period Temple Singer.)
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The Calendars of Ancient Egypt by Richard A. Parker
(A very difficult read, but has valuable information on lunar months.)

Do Not Celebrate Without Your Neighbours by Heidi Jauhiainen
(Fantastic reference for festivals in the Theban region.)
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Hymn to the Sun by Mark-Jan Nederhof
(Gives the Hymn to Amun-Ra of Suti and Hor, both in transliterated Egyptian and English.)

The Burden of Isis [Hymns to Sokar-Osiris] by James Teackle Dennis
(An older translation, but very useful reference for the Osirian and Sokar feasts.)

The Daily Ritual by Elaine Sullivan
(Great description of the daily service at the temple of Amun-Ra in Karnak.)

The Daily Temple Ritual From the Great Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak
(This is a translation of the Daily Ritual texts from Karnak, probably from Budge. It was used in an anthropology class, the course number is just visible at the page bottoms.)

Liquids in Temple Ritual by Mu-Chou Poo
(Fantastic discussion of the purpose and types of libations in temple rites.)

Procession by Martin Stadler
(Explains the festival processions for several major Theban holidays.)

Performance and Ritual in the Virtual Egyptian Temple by R. Gillam, C. Innes and J. Jacobson
(Interesting for its approach in blending technology with historical re-enactment.)


General Egyptology Websites: - This is a fantastic site that includes excerpts from translated texts, information on clothing, mythology and ancient occupations...and all compiled by one dedicated individual! Comes highly recommended.

Digital Egypt for Universities - Essentially the website for the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. A scholarly resource that includes translations of the Book of the Dead, Egyptian liturgical calendars and a host of other topics. You'll want to bookmark this one. - This French-English website documents tombs at major Egyptian sites (some are even tourable in 3D) and covers aspects of ancient Egyptian religion. The link here takes you to the Site Map, because there's just so much to see.

Publications of the Oriental Institute - Here you can download PDF files of publications from the University of Chicago's famed Oriental Institute. Be sure to look for Ritner's Mechanics of Egyptian Magical Practice.

Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt - Delightfully funny and informative, debunks a number of 'pyramid theories'. If you're feeling adventurous, check the "Litterbag of the Information Superhighway".


More Great Places to Go: The exhibit "Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs" that ran in the late 2000's was a huge success, and the website now redirects to other King Tut-themed museum tours.

KV 63 Official website - Covering the excavation and study of KV 63, the latest burial cache to be discovered in the Valley of the Kings, this site has great photos, links and updates from archaeologists working the site.

Amarna Research Foundation - Dedicated to restoration and research of the Tell-el Amarna site (formerly Akhet-aten) and promoting interest in that time period. Has cool pictures of reconstructive models of the city.


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